Retouching & Enhancement

These are simple, quick edits that increase sharpness, balance the exposure, or generally add some pop! to your photo.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is applied when a photo or slide has an unusual colour cast. For instance, many Pana Vue slides end up becoming a red mess over time, and a lot of indoor photos taken under incandescent light seem yellowish-orange. This is what is meant by the term colour correction.


When a photo is torn, folded, stapled, mutilated, missing a piece, scratched, moldy, faded or otherwise messed up, it falls under the restoration category.


Every restoration quote starts with an initial meeting where we can see the image, assess the damage, and speak with you about the final result. Whether you’re looking for a simple colour correction, or have a family heirloom that has been damaged in a move, we treat each and every photo, slide, or negative with the same respect and attention to detail.

To get started, give us a call at 705-662-2462 or send us an email to set up an appointment.


“Does one start a testimonial with a thank you? I would like to thank Downtown Photography for the wonderful job they did restoring treasured family photographs. Kat, from Downtown Photography, was easy to communicate with and her attention to detail was phenomenal! The pictures became beautiful tributes and lacked the ravages of time that had previously taken away from their appeal. I would recommend Downtown Photography for all of your photograph restoration projects!”
Merna Z.