Content Creation for Small Businesses
JANUARY 18, 2021

Instructor: Kat Huck

Price: $75.00


Requirements: Any camera

Our world is very visual, and as small business owners, we are often in charge of our marketing and promotions on a shoestring budget under tight deadlines. That means you need to understand what makes a picture enticing, and how to get it. We can help.


Adobe Lightroom Basics
February 8 & 9

Instructor: Kat Huck

Price: $185


Requirements: Laptop with Lightroom CC Classic installed

Film photographers used a darkroom to bring out the very best their photo had to offer. Digital photographers use Adobe Lightroom, one of the most powerful tools available to organize and refine your photos.


Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
February 10 – March 3

Instructor: Kat Huck

Price: $275


Requirements: Laptop with Photoshop CC installed

Photoshop is one of the most powerful editing software programs available. It also has quite a steep learning curve. We ease you into using Photoshop by showing you its capacity and function, explaining the available tools, the power of layers, and getting you started on compositing images. Classes are not lecture based…you will be working on images in each class.


Advanced Photography
February 16 – March 9

Instructor: Kat Huck and Chuck Swinden

Price: $275.00


Requirements: DSLR camera

This four-week class is designed to take your photography skills up another level. We focus on advanced composition skills, lighting, portraiture and fine art photography.


Photojournalism Basics Weekend Workshop
March 20 & 21

Instructor: Chuck Swinden

Price: $440.00

Method: CURRENTLY ZOOM BASED (but may be in person depending on Covid regulations)

Requirements: DSLR camera, extra SD or CF card, extra batteries

Over two days you will learn the basics of being an ethical photojournalist including legal responsibilities, restrictions, rights, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Find out how timing and positioning are some of the keys to getting a great shot in this weekend workshop.



“I have taken several courses with Kat and Chuck and they have all exceeded my expectations. Their individual and combined knowledge of photographic techniques and the digital side of photo processing has meant they are able to teach almost anything you’d care to learn.  I am primarily a landscape photographer but their enthusiasm when teaching the art of portraiture has led me to expand my body of work to include portraits.  Kat and Chuck are always learning themselves and this shows in their classes.Take all of the courses!  You will have a tonne of fun and learn so much without even realizing it.”

Andrea M.

“I started my photography journey with Kat when I was 16. I had the opportunity to take many of her workshops. Through Kat’s knowledge and guidance, I was able to learn the fundamentals of shooting and processing which took my amateur photography to the next level! You will not find a better more inspiring person out there!”
Katie G.