How Covid Is Affecting Our Business

I’ve avoided writing this blog because everyone is having a tough time in this pandemic and I don’t want to complain. We’re all struggling to adjust to a new way of doing business. We all have had to “pivot”, “reinvent”, and become “agile”. And, we’re all exhausted and sick of the buzzwords.

Over the past three weeks we’ve had a lot of people calling to ask if the studio is open. We’ve had several people knock on the door to see if we could take their passport photos. We’ve been asked to do newborn/maternity/family photos. And, each time, we’ve had to say no.

I’ve updated all of our social media, including Google Business, to remind people that the studio is not allowed to be open. What I completely neglected to do was put it on the website. That was my mistake.

Here’s what’s in the works if everything goes well and we get ourselves out of this lockdown loop: an Outdoor Summer Photography Class in July/August, a full slate of Intro and Advanced photography classes this September, Lightroom and Photoshop weekend workshops, and a Creative Lighting class. I’m also working on a plan for an Off Grid Photography Adventure.

We’re still here. We’ll still be here when lockdown ends. And, we want to thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your support. We look forward to photographing your beautiful faces, and reconnecting in classes as soon as we’re able.