In My Head

I openly stare at people. I’ve been caught and have had to explain myself more than a few times.

Essentially, if you find me staring at you, I’m photographing you in my head. I’m not actually seeing you in that moment – I’m seeing how a photo of you will look. What light will I use? What colour? How stark? How soft? Where? What will be your backdrop…the lake? The woods? A brick wall? Stone? Natural light or strobes? What angles will I show? What pose? A thousand scenarios flash past.

All of this, every decision that I’m making as I’m staring at you, is for one purpose. I want to show you what I see in my head. That sounds hideously selfish, but it’s true. If I’m staring at you, it’s because I see something so beautiful and unique that my head screams, “You need to show this person how you see them”.

When I teach portraiture classes, this is something I try to get my students to do as well…to not only see what is there, but what can be there. We’re offering one-to-one portrait classes until we’re back in the green zone. If you’re interested in learning more about light, posing, and working with people, call or email us and book some time!