Portfolio review service

Once a month, we open up the studio for portfolio reviews. Does that sound pretentious? I hope not, because portfolio reviews are an essential part of growing and keeping relevant as a photographer. They’re kind of like a mini-critique of your work.

Both Chuck and I go through at least one portfolio review each every year. In every review we walk away with new ideas, and a renewed excitement to get out shooting and bring all the new ideas to life.

It’s very simple. Allow an hour of time, bring your best ten photos (either printed or on a USB stick), and a pen and paper if you want to make notes. Be prepared to talk about your work. We want to hear all about why and how you took the shot…your process. That gives us a starting point to discuss the technicalities.

What we never do in a portfolio review is talk about your choice of subject matter, or its artistic merits. What we always talk about in a portfolio review is:

  • what you did really, really right
  • areas that may be distracting a viewer from your subject
  • post processing abnormalities
  • changes that could be made in the way the photo was shot that may improve the end result
  • cropping options and how they change the feel of the photo

In the end, you will walk out of the portfolio review with additional confidence, a deeper understanding of your own artistic process, and a portfolio that you’ll be proud to show to the world!

Check out the calendar for the next portfolio review date and book your time by email, text, or phone.