The 365 Project

2020 has been difficult for most people, and the thought that we might have more of it yet to come is exhausting. Winter is coming which means more inside time. More “nothing to do” time. And for some, more alone time. Our regular routines have been disrupted. Nothing is normal, and the new normal isn’t where we want to be. Many of us haven’t had the time, or the energy, to play.

Everyone’s version of the word play is different…mine is all about doing photography that’s just for myself. Not to make a living. Not to enter into a show. Not to give to someone else. Pure, indulgent, sometimes-crappy-sometimes-awesome-but-who-cares-anyway fun!

One of the neatest ways to have that photographic, “just for you” fun is by participating in a 365 project. What’s that you ask? Simple. Take a photo a day. Post it. Maybe journal about it if that’s your thing. Or not.

Now, hold on a sec…I can hear a few of you that have done it in the past groaning away. Yes, it was harder back in the day. The 365 was a real challenge because it was so much work. Grab your camera (phone cameras still really sucked and not everybody had one), take the photo, download the photo to the computer, process the photo, upload the photo to the site (most of us were using Flickr).

So why do it now? Because it’s fun and waaaaaay easier than before thanks to cell phones (psst…use your camera anyway!), and our own familiarity with uploading photos to things like Facebook and Instagram.

Plus I found a really cool site yesterday that is dedicated to the 365 project, not just as a photo challenge but also as a journal. I adore journaling of any kind so it sucked me in right away. This place, 365project, reminds me of the old days of Flickr…people sharing, critiquing, loving photos and photography.

Here’s my top (however many) reasons that I encourage anyone who loves photos, to get involved.

  • other people participating with you helps with motivation
  • make new worldwide friends on the site
  • get encouragement from others
  • encourage other people
  • get inspired
  • discover new places, people, things and techniques
  • rediscover that camera that you used to love so much you’d carry it everywhere…even if it was heavy
  • have one place where you can look back at the end of the year and see all the highlights

Friend me on there. Let’s get through this winter together doing something really fun, properly socially distanced, creative, and productive.