A screen capture of the Flickr page for Downtown Photography

Do You Flickr?

It was a different time when I first signed up on Flickr. The world of digital photography was fairly new to me…I was still working with slide film at the time. Facebook was in its infancy, and Instagram was still six years away from being invented.

Flickr, which was started by a Canadian company by the way, was THE place to show and share your photography with people across the world. The whole world. You could connect with other photographers, like their work, send them messages, ask questions, see their EXIF data (if you don’t know what that is, we teach all about it in Intro to Photography class), make friends, get advice…it was a photographer’s heaven.

For many of us, it functioned as our very first online presence. It was our digital portfolio, and our personal website back when you had to be a coder to make your own site. I made friends that I’m still in contact with today in Egypt, South Africa, England, Italy, and throughout the USA and Canada.

With the all the internet had to offer exploding into our everyday mainstream life, Flickr started to get lost in the shuffle a bit. They were sold, and sold again. They tried to keep the service free and photo storage maxed out, but then they had to invent different payment platforms to stay afloat.

That just pissed people off when things like Facebook and Instagram were free. But what people forgot was that Flickr was not a social media site, it was a photo management and sharing application. And, with its most recent acquisition by SmugMug Inc. it continues to be just that…an incredible place for photographers to be.

Even we gave up on them for a while. I signed back on in 2019 and haven’t regretted it for one single day.

A screenshot of our Flickr page

If you don’t know what Flickr is, or if you used to be a part of the community and have moved on, I really encourage you to go and take another look. It’s a beautiful way to show and share your work even after all these years.

We Flickr. You can find us here.